Thursday, August 21, 2008


Patrick: Mior is NOT only for the face and for lacerating wounds too! Used the Mior on my wrist and you can REALLY see the OBVIOUS changes in my wounds. It is NOT due to the water that wash it off. That wound of my hand WOULD NOT GO AWAY FOR 4 MONTHS even with cream given by doctors. After using it just once, it is SHOWING SIGNS OF RECOVERY.

Andy: Mior really sucks out the pimples to the surface and causes them to either subside or dry up and drop off by itself!

Roh Ting: Usually, my face would become oily again half an hour after washing... but after trying mior, it stayed oil-free even after I woke up the next morning!

My own testimonies: Before use Mior, my face too oily and big pores..still oily even put a heavy make-up on my faces..Make-up doesn't lasting for hours, have to spend much on make-up tools (my skin suitable with MAC only)..When i taking a picture, it also shown..the oily skin..

Now, after use Mior for less a month, my skin more more radiant, less less oily and big pores become more smaller..The picture with green scarf show that i didn't need any make-up to put on..just a lip i not only save money for buying any make-up but i also can have much-much time with my dear ellysha and my face getting much much better..Thanks MIOR!!

Ismail: Skin still feels smooth today, and my friends are already asking about what happened to my face, now so shining!!!

Germaine: I was worried that it'd be too dry, but even without toner/moisuturiser, it wasn't drying. Instead, my skin felt so lifted & smooth like there's a layer of moisturising protection, I can't stop touching it! As the day passed, I also noticed that my freckles became lighter, and even the pores closed up. Looks like I really don't need to wear makeup everyday anymore!

Korinna: MIOR bar is really awesome. It's the best thing I've applied on my face. It made my pores smaller and made my pimples disappear. I recommend it to everybody.

What mior users say...
"I suffered from eczema on my legs for many years and even the strongest steroid creams and oral medication couldn't help it. But just using MIOR for 2 days, the inflammation really cleared 50-70%! So anyone with skin problems must really give this bar a try. Amazing. It's a really wonderful product." - Wati, Singapore

"My freckles have disappeared and my oily face has never been oily for many hours!" - Pastor Randy, USA (after just 1 wash)

"I look better now after 5 minutes than when I use my make-up. This makes my face brighter than my foundation!" - University student, Kuching

"My face looks younger by 10 years after 1 hour.. Unbelievable!" - Patrick Lim, Accounts Manager, Miri

"My face turned from fair to pink after using it... Magnificent! - Kevin Lim

"This works really well with my sensitive skin. Best facial products I've ever used" - Rafida

"Mior works well with my allergic skin!" - Cathy Tan

"I feel my face is so soft and so smooth after using it... I just can't stop touching my own face!" - Joshua, Penang

"All my facial pores closed up after 1 hour!" - Esther, Penang

"It is very good.. The skin feels very smooth!" - Jenny, Singapore

"My acne dried up & my pimples start to disappear after using Mior just once!" - Joseph Loo, USM student, Penang

Sunday, July 20, 2008

MIOR, miracle soap bar..

MIOR - Moor Facial Bar With IndinineLuxe™

Pernemuan yg terkini dan terbaru dalam dunia kosmetik..Tiada yang sehebat dan semudah penggunaan sabun MIOR..

Sabun istimewa yang mengandungi Heilmoor Clay dari Austria dan Indinine Luxe untuk penjagaan kesihatan kulit.


Heilmoor Clay?
Lumpur istimewa ini didapati di Austria, wujud lebih dari 3000 tahun dan mengandungi lebih dari 700 jenis herba dan tumbuhan di dalamnya yang sangat bagus untuk kesihatan kulit.

Formulasi unik yang tercipta dari algae yang kaya dengan anti-oksida, vitamin, mineral dan kebaikan lain yang mampu mengembalikan keremajaan dan kecantikan kulit.Indinine Luxe yang tercipta melalui proses nanotechnology membantu proses penyerapannya lebih cepat ke dalam kulit. Keupayaan untuk membaikpulih sel-sel kulit berlaku dengan lebih pantas menjadikan kulit sihat, segar dan awet muda. Sabun ini berupaya meresap pantas ke dalam epidermis dan melakukan pembersihan (detoxification) secara menyeluruh. Selepas penggunaannya kulit terasa seolah-olah selepas melakukan rawatan spa!

Sabun ini sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit: Berminyak, Sensitif, Kering, Normal, Berjerawat, Bersisik, Berparut, dsbnya malah sangat sesuai untuk kulit bayi terutama yang mempunyai masalah eczema. Oleh kerana sabun ini bertindak menyahtoksin, membersih, mengawal pH, mencerah secara semulajadi, menghalus dan mengurangkan parut - kulit anda akan kelihatan berseri-seri selepas mengamalkannya....

Kelebihan menggunakan MIOR:
  • mengecilkan pori-pori
  • mengawal blackheads dan whiteheads
  • mengawal keseimbangan pH pada kulit
  • mengawal masalah jerawat dan kulit sensitif
  • mengurangkan kesan parut pada kulit
  • mengurangkan pigmentasi dan mengawal masalah jeragat
  • mampu mengurangkan garis-garis halus / kedut pada wajah
  • membantu mengawal masalah penyakit kulit, eczema, psoriasis , stretchmarks, kesan selulit dsbnya
  • kulit kelihatan 1 tona lebih cerah kerana proses exfoliation
  • kulit kelihatan lebih kemerahan secara semulajadi dan berseri-seri
  • meningkatkan keupayaan kitaran sel kulit, menjadikan kulit sentiasa anjal, sihat dan berseri
  • juga sangat sesuai dan selamat digunakan kepada bayi dan kanak-kanak
  • mengurangkan noda-noda hitam dan sel mati pada keliling leher, celah ketiak dan bikini line
  • bagus untuk mengekalkan keseimbangan minyak pada kulit kepala melembutkan rambut dan menyihatkannnya


1 bar (6cm x 4 1/2 cm x 2 1/2 cm) - RM259.00 (penggunaan untuk 4 bulan)
1/2 bar ( 3cm x 2 1/2 cm x 4 1/2 cm )- RM130.00 ( penggunaan untuk 2 bulan)
1/4 bar (2cm x 2 1/2 cm x 3cm) - RM70.00 (pengunaan untuk 1 bulan)

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